Danish Chairs - Student Work

A proposed solution to a traveling exhibition featuring a multitude of countries represented.

I chose to represent Denmark. Furniture design, and particularly chairs have been honed by the Danes. The height of chair designs in Denmark was from 1920s to 1970s – therefore the mid-century period falling into that category.

My approach to this project has been to show a wide variety of Danish chairs, and to educate the viewer about their popularity and subsequent influence. Chances are, many of the viewers might have seen those chairs, or similar ones – as Danish chairs are widely copied and reproduced globally.
Due to the limited space for this exhibit, it was not possible to show the actual pieces.

The chairs are displayed as flat graphics on the wall, allowing for the maximum variety to be showcased. Because a great percentage of Danish chairs use wood, thus making use of their natural resource, the floor and two walls are constructed from seamless wood panels. Wood also provides a warm and inviting quality to this exhibit.

The back wall is made out of red and clear plexiglass, so that it is possible it glance into the exhibit from the outside, without giving too much away until the viewer enters the space. The plexiglass wall is constructed so it looks resembles the flag of Denmark. The exterior side walls continue the red and white stripe motif, continuing the horizontal white bar across the walls, for a striking and bold effect.

typographic lockup
Danish Chairs Exhibit: typographic lockup

scale model front view
Danish Chairs Exhibit: scale model front view

scale model 3/4 rear view
Danish Chairs Exhibit: scale model 3/4 rear view

scale model 3/4 front view
Danish Chairs Exhibit: scale model 3/4 front view