DOMOD - Student Internship

European Home Furnishings Trade Catalog

An 5-week internship in Milan, Italy at a brand new start-up trade magazine/catalog whose goal is to serve as a link between European furniture & home accessories dealers/restorers/collectors/interior designers/etc.

The project included development of name, identity, and branding, as well as numerous on-location photo shoots. The logo and subsequent designs strive to reflect both antique and modern pieces represented. Brown and green were selected as primary colors to make the connection between the old and the new. The name is derived from Latin dom - house/home and moda - style, fashion. Domod = fashioning the home.

DOMOD: logo

cover idea
DOMOD: cover idea

photo shoots stills
DOMOD: photo shoots stills

events calendar
DOMOD: events calendar

events calendar
DOMOD: events calendar