Don Julio Tequila Tastekit

A few ideas/concepts proposed for a portable tastekit that would be used to educate bartenders about Don Julio Tequila in comparison to their competition.

The options below — also varied in production costs — feature
(in order of appearance):

1. round wood box with black heavyweight gloss cardboard base and lid
interior: black foam mold to hold items in place

2. black acrylic cigar-style box, heavy band to hold box closed, semi-translucent plastic taste mat

3. black anodized metal box, blind embossed lid
interior: rigid blue band to envelop the contents, bed of black raffia

4. wood box with slide-out lid
interior: wooden partition shelves to hold items in place

5. black satin slipcase & pull out box
interior: blue satin finish, matching blue heavyweight cardboard diecut insert

tastekit option 1
Don Juilo: tastekit option 1

tastekit option 2
Don Julio: tastekit option 2

tastekit option 3
Don Julio: tastekit option 3

tastekit option 4
Don Julio: tastekit option 4

tastekit option 5
Don Julio: tastekit option 5